„IntelliJet fully variable jet propulsion technology is one of the most significant advances in marine propulsion systems in many years:

  • Fully variable inlet duct
  • Variable pitch impeller
  • Variable drive nozzle
  • Integrated steering and trim
  • Instant forward, neutral, reverse (no bucket)
  • Fly-by-wire joystick control

These patented innovations work together to significantly improve the performance of waterjets – a widely adopted propulsion format – and approach the limits of propulsion efficiency.

„The system constantly adjusts to maximise thrust at all planing speeds and at all throttle positions. The combination of larger jet size, efficient inlet duct, and variable nozzle allows

  • Higher propulsion efficiency at all speeds and accelerations
  • 50 to 80% increase in low speed thrust
  • Increasing top speed
  • Reduced power requirement for given speed/load
  • Improved economy


With its ‘one size fits all’ approach, mainstream waterjet technology is actually inefficient at anything other than its narrow band of designed speed/load…which is most of the time. The result? Expensive, oversize engines, wasted fuel, slow responsiveness and poor acceleration under load.

IntelliJet addresses all these shortcomings to deliver improved thrust, responsiveness, acceleration and fuel efficiency at every speed and load setting:

  1. „Bigger jets are desirable because they create higher thrust.  But the bigger the jet, the more power that is lost in the ordinary inlet duct.  This power loss has to be made up by the motor and the pump.
  2. The adjustable inlet duct reduces this power loss. And, as the inlet duct becomes more efficient, it increases pressure on the nozzle, which results in higher flow through the system.
  3. But, higher flow through the system results in reduced pump efficiency. Hence the need for the variable nozzle to regulate the system flow for pump efficiency.

Using the combination of these three innovations means a high volume of water, an efficient inlet duct and an efficient pump operation under all operating conditions:


The IntelliJet system constantly optimises performance using a controllable pitch propeller pump, a controllable nozzle to vary the jet size, and a controllable inlet to efficiently deliver the required flow to the propeller.

The result is to achieve performance improvements and efficiencies over a wide range of vessel speeds and loads that add up to significant operational improvement and cost savings.

For clients who require a jet drive system, when IntelliJet is exclusively combined with our hull and stabiliser technologies, Missionkraft vessels provide new levels of lifetime performance, comfort and cost effectiveness.


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