Advanced Monohulls

Breakthrough advanced wave-piercing monohull is a unique combination of displacement keel and planing surfaces  which produces a hull with lower resistance, low centre of gravity and improved internal and deck spaces compared to equivalent length conventional monohulls.


  • Highly Efficient Hull
  • Wave piercing reduces pitch
  • Increased habitable and internal load space
  • Engines, Fluids in keel
  • Increased deck area
  • Low centre of gravity for increased stability, comfort
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Extended range
  • Lower costs for given speed



High Efficiency

  • The hydrodynamically tuned keel houses the engine, propulsion system and fuel  to keep the centre of gravity exceptionally low in the displacement section of the hull.
  • The drivetrain is horizontal for maximum efficiency while the water flow around the streamlined hull is optimally delivered into the propeller.
  • Scientifically modelled contoured planing surfaces lift the craft out of the water as speed increases helping the craft get on the plane and accelerate to its high service speed.
  • Optional hull ventilation injects bubbles into the wetted area of the hull to further reduce resistance
  • Achieves lower power requirements for the same speed, lower fuel consumption and extended range.

Improved Comfort

  • High directional stability with low leeway
  • Reduced rolling and slamming with additional damping effect from the keel
  • High stability from lower center of gravity

Improved Function

  • Keel design increases hull volume for greater cargo, load and accommodation
  • Location of engine, propulsion and fuel in the keel means an increase in the habitable area of the craft
  • Additional space is better utilised in the level area above the planing surfaces
  • Wider beam gives greater deck space for equipment and payload

Cost Advantage

  • Lower power means smaller, lower cost engines can deliver same performance
  • Lower fuel consumption for a given speed
  • Significantly more usable space in hull

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