Naval, Patrol & Security

We offer a range of high performance vessels to meet the special needs of Naval and Coast Guard commanders who seek superior solutions coastal, inshore and port security.

  • Inshore Patrol Vessels
  • Coast Guard Patrol and Constabulary
  • Surveillance
  • Fisheries Protection
  • Port, Offshore and Riverine Security

Flexible mission capability and weapons payload are combined in fast, seaworthy vessels that offer broad, stable and long endurance to deliver high levels of firepower in smaller, highly affordable patrol and fighting ships.

We offer a range of hull sizes and customise designs to meet your requirement, including:

Foil Supported Catamarans

  • 8.5m RHIB/D-Fender
  • 12m Fast patrol
  • 15m Fast Patrol
  • 19m Fast Patrol
  • 21m Fast Patrol
  • 22m Fast Patrol
  • 30m Multipurpose Patrol
  • 50m Compact Combat

Advanced Monohulls

  • Unmanned Surface Craft (7m to 10m)
  • 24m Inshore Patrol
  • 45m Multipurpose Patrol
  • 90m Multipurpose Patrol Ship

Convertible Semi-Subersibles

Ideal for operations where fast transit is required and then a stable platform for naval, coast guard and special forces in the littoral space for operations, as mothership for offloaded assets or for command point duties:  


  • 70m Patrol Platform
  • 80m Patrol Platform
  • 90m Patrol Platform

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