Missionkraft vessels can be specified with conventional propulsion systems – propeller, jet or surface drives.

For greater performance and fuel economy, Missionkraft bring you the option of two unique propulsion systems that set new performance standards in the market.

DuoDrive is a high performance contra-rotating shaft drive propeller system that has the performance and fuel economy advantages of conventional stern- and pod- drive systems in a shaft drive format. The system improves thrust and responsiveness, uses propellers maximised for drive efficiency, gives better weight distribution and reduced stern ‘dig’ to dramatically improve vessel performance and fuel economy. Click for more information.

Intellijet is the worlds only fully variable jet drive and up to 80% more efficient than standard jets. The system continuously adjusts the inlet, controllable-pitch impeller and nozzle to produce significant performance and fuel efficiency gains at ALL speeds while transforming slow speed responsiveness, giving very fast forward/astern shifts and allowing instant system back-flushing. Click for more information.

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Missionkraft are proud partners of DuoDrive Limited and Intellijet Marine, Inc.