Missionkraft are a marine technology company manufacturing a specialised range of offshore, survey, coast guard and naval vessels using an exclusive combination of advanced engineering technologies.

These combine with class-leading designs to give superior performance in speed, fuel efficiency, range and seaholding and provide you with durable working vessels with outstanding capabilities.

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We have more than 30 models from 8.5m to 90m length, each one designed by world-class naval architects, and we custom build each boat to meet your exact needs and specific requirement.

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We offer several innovative hull technologies that you can choose for even greater performance gains and cost reductions; ultra lightweight structural materials, low friction hull coatings, fuel management systems, stealth technologies, compact gyroscopic stabiliser system and many, many more.


Naval customers can specify your own weapon and surveillance systems for integration onto our patrol craft. We also offer ‘turnkey’ packages with ultra-lightweight, fully stabilised remote surveillance/weapons, missile systems and UAV technologies specially developed and supplied by global leaders in the naval defence industry.

Our compact craft give capabilities usually found in large, much more expensive ships.

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